Samsung 22" Led Monitor with super slim Design

To watch your favorite movies, TV shows, play games, and a lot more, while ensuring the safety of your eyes with this Samsung monitor. It is designed with exceptional care and has a high contrast ratio, which delivers vibrant, close-to-reality-like images, making your whole viewing experience, fun and enjoyable. Moreover, this monitor has excellent viewing angles, which allows for minimal distortion even when you are watching or gaming from extreme positions, making it a must-have for your everyday needs. This monitor sports a gorgeous 22-inch screen that lets you experience crisp, clear, and environmentally efficient performance. It displays every image at an incredible resolution that lets you enjoy vibrant, lifelike visuals on the screen. With excellent viewing angles, this monitor enables you to watch content from wherever you sit...More

Zebra/Motora DS6878 Barcode Scanner

The Motorola DS6878-SR cordless 2D imager offers the complete data capture functionality required to streamline and error-proof everyday processes. Comfortable and easy-to-use, this single device can capture all common barcodes (1D, 2D and PDF417) on labels as well as on mobile phone displays. The optional hands-free presentation cradle enables additional advanced capabilities: signature, document and photo capture, optical character recognition (OCR) to capture text in documents, and MICR to capture numeric information on the bottom of checks...More

Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer

The Zebra MC3300 handheld computer is the latest model in Zebra's MC3000 series of mid-range mobile computers. It is positioned as a mid-range, keyboard-based Android handheld computer that is highly versatile. Like the previous models in the MC3000 Series, the MC3300 is available in three form factors (straight-shooter, turret, and gun) along with three keyboard options (numeric, function-numeric and alpha-numeric).

The MC3300 uses the Android 7 (Nougat) operating system and is Android Certified for guaranteed security and performance. More Detail


The Zebra MC3300 Mobile Printer makes it easy to migrate to the next generation in mobility business platforms-Android. The same operating system that took the consumer world by storm is now fortified for business, providing a well-proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support for a total of 10 years with Zebra's LifeGuard™ for Android.

This next generation of the highly successful MC3000 series offers everything customers need to run their current terminal emulation (TE) applications right out of the box-or reformat to create intuitive screens that utilize touch to simplify the user experience. Get next-generation productivity gains with the next-generation platform for warehouse mobility with the MC3300-only from Zebra. More Details

Zebra MC36 Mobile Computer

Zebra mc36 great enterprise-class device design for any business. The mc36 scanner best fit to improve more productivity and customer service quality. The workers used more comfortable and familiar by using this product.

Main Specification:

Zebra MC36 mobile computer barcode scanner has:

  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • a portable data terminal
  • single line laser
  • android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system
  • dual micro SIM
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB flash memory
  • 4.3-inch LCD display
  • exceptional low power consumption
  • exceptionally bright image with 700 NITs
  • 3% transflective
  • corning gorilla glass 2
  • capacitive touch with two-point operation

Data Capture:

Camera: Autofocus 5mp with user-controllable flash

HF-RFID: Supports card reader, card emulation and P2P modes of operation

Scan Engines: Integrated 1D linear imager; Integrated 2d imager.

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I-Class Mark II is a family of Mid Range Industrial barcode printers that are designed for a wide variety of industrial barcode printing applications. I-Class printers have a legendary reputation in the industry as the best quality printers in this category. I-Class Mark II surpasses expectations with competitive pricing for its industry leading reliability, performance, and ease of integration.

Key Features:

  • OPTIMedia reduces set-up time by enabling the printer to automatically adjust to optimum heat and speed setting to produce the best print quality. Lower power consumption delivers 25 % lower power consumption in its category. The ECO IntelliSEAQ™ print head has a durable coating, better abrasion resistance, and longer life.
  • Multiple Communication Ports: Offers the largest selection of communication ports in the mid-level industrial printer range including serial, parallel, USB, LAN, 2 USB Host ports and SDIO, W-LAN, and GPIO interface card.
  • Graphical Display includes a 7-button 128×64 LCD graphical backlit display that is easy to read, enabling user friendly label configuration setup.
  • Rugged construction features a gear driven design and durable die-cast aluminum frame.

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Main Features

  • 2-button 3-LED (basic model)/ 6-button LCD (advanced model) control panel
  • Easily adjustable sensors
  • Print head pressure adjustment knobs
  • 450 meter ribbon capacity
  • Flexible firmware structure allows the printer to emulate popular printer languages
  • Available in 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolutions
  • Up to 4 Gigabyte Flash memory expansion using SD Flash memory
  • Fast label throughput

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ADTP1 Tabletop Printer- Avery Dennison

The Avery Dennison tabletop Printer 1 (ADTP1) was designed to be the quickest, best RFID printer/encoder in its category. Our breakthrough technology allows you to not solely accelerate your performance, however additionally work a lot of with efficiency and showing intelligence. Main Specification of this printer:

  • Exclusive, built-in RFID verifier overstrikes bad labels and tags to ensure 100% scannability.
  • Maximizing protection and durability
  • Barcode Assured™ technology reduces printing unreadable barcodes with a patented, fail-safe dot shifting auto-correct feature that also extends print life.
  • Dual-ribbon control eliminates ribbon wrinkles to Increasing production, Cutting Downtime
  • More profit potentiality by reducing vendors production cost

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Zebra GT800 Barcode Printer (203DPI)

The GT800 printer supports both 300 metre and 74 metre ribbon capacities - without the need to change settings for different ribbon lengths. Users easily select the appropriate length for the task at hand.

The intuitive design of the GT800 printer combines a choice of three connectivity interfaces and optional 10/100 Ethernet, co-resident EPL2™ and ZPL II® programming languages, Unicode™ and optional ZBI 2.0™ to ensure quick and efficient integration.

Print labels even faster with the printer's powerful 32-bit processor and its large memory for quicker processing and support for more graphics and longer labels. Designed to save you time and money on ongoing printer management and operator intervention, the printer features status reporting, odometer control and increased ribbon capacity.


  1. Brand Zebra
  2. Model Zebra GT800
  3. Printer Method Barcode Printer
  4. Printing speed 5″/127 mm per second
  5. Print Width 832 (dots for 203 dpi)
  6. Print Length 989mm
  7. Print resolution 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
  8. Interface (Built-in) Centronics parallel (36 pin) connector ports, RS-232 Serial interface, USB V1.1 interface 

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